COVID-19 Safety Precautions


Your safety is of the upmost importance to us. Here are the precautions we have in place for our concert on the 15th.

  • The seated concert is occurring outdoors on the rooftop patio of the Marriott Hotel 

  • Maximum of 100 people will be allowed to attend, presales and registration are required

  • Guests will stay with their co-horts, maximum of 6 people per table

  • Online admission ticketing will be used. Reservations and reserved seating will be used to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.

  • Cashless and no-contact payments and transactions will be used to the greatest extent possible, e.g. scan tickets instead of ripping the stub.

  • Attendees will be notified before the concert begins of the steps being taken to prevent the risk of transmission, and the importance of their roles in these measures.

  • COVID-19 signage will be posted or displayed in highly visible locations - Marriott Hotel will display signage

  • Ticketed Livestream option is available for individuals who are at increased risk for more serious illness after contracting COVID-19, such as the elderly or people who have pre-existing health conditions or are immunocompromised, and our guests who do not feel comfortable being in a public setting

  • All toilet and washroom facilities will be maintained in good sanitary condition and equipped with hand washing supplies and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol. Guests will be required to wear a mask when using the facilities or entering the hotel

  • The organizers will immediately remove attendees who are not complying with event rules or public health expectations.

  • Communicate the public health expectations frequently during the event.

  • Advise attendees that they have an obligation to protect the performers and themselves.

  • Attendees, workers, performers, and volunteers will maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from those who are not from the same household or cohort at all times. We are asking that our audience remain at their individual tables throughout the evening.

  • Seating will face the same direction and leave at least 2 metres between each person or household/cohort table.

  • Discouraging attendees from waiting or congregating in areas in which 2 metre distancing would be difficult

  • Physical distancing will be maintained when entering and exiting the venue

  • Audience members will be discouraged from singing along with performers, cheering, or shouting to reduce the risk of transmission of droplets.

  • Audience members should remain seated in seats in outdoor audience events, except to access washroom or food/beverage services.

  • Open area standing or dancing areas like mosh pits or dance floors are not permitted for audiences.

  • The maximum cohort of performers/crew allowed on and back stage is 50 individuals.

  • Performers will be a minimum of 4 metres from the nearest audience member.

  • We will have individual items (microphones) for each performer.